Friday, April 10, 2009

Michael Deibert named Senior Fellow World Policy Institute

In a good development all around, I have been named a Senior Fellow at New York's World Policy Institute, which develops and champions innovative policies that require a progressive and global point of view. Having previously written for the Institute's flagship publication, the World Policy Journal, from Indian-controlled Kashmir, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Guatemala, it is my hope that, with the Institute's resources behind me, I will be able to continue to be of use, through reporting and speaking engagements, in the struggle of economically and socially disadvantaged people to lead more just and decent lives.

A nice start to 2009.

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Babette said...

Many Congratulations to you and to the World Policy Institute for naming you. I am always enlightened by your insights. My two copies of your book, Notes from the Last Testatment, (of the TEN I have bought) now are the hottest item in my lending library here in the DR - flying off the shelf as fast as they come back in. We are all smarter for your being around... Thanks-- Elizabeth Roebling, Dominican Republic