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2014: A Reporter’s Notebook of the Year Gone By

This past year was one where I continued to discuss the issues raised by one of my books - The Democratic Republic of Congo: Between Hope and Despair (Zed Books) - as well as toured and debated the issues raised by another one, In the Shadow of Saint Death: The Gulf Cartel and the Price of America’s Drug War in Mexico (Lyons Press). In the coming year, while working on a new book (or two), I hope to continue to be able to shine a light on conflicted places such as these, as well as provoke discussion on how we in the United States and elsewhere can work to ameliorate the world's often too-sanguinary state. Abrazos and in strength, MD 

The Democratic Republic of Congo: Between Hope and Despair by Michael Deibert - Rory Carroll on a valuable, angry account of Congo's difficulties for the Guardian (2 January 2014) 
Book Review: The Democratic Republic of Congo: Between Hope and Despair for the London School of Economics (17 January 2014)

Discussion on crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Katanga region with Save the Congo's Vava Tampa and the LSE's Gabi Hesselbien on Press TV (27 February 2014)

The Horror, the Horror: Nomi Prins reviews The Democratic Republic of Congo: Between Hope and Despair for Truthdig (28 February 2014)  

Exploring the world of Haitian vodou for the Miami Herald (2 March 2014)

Haiti: In the Kingdom of Impunity for Huffington Post (2 April 2014)  

Inside Mexico’s Drug War: Interview with KERA Dallas (3 June 2014)   

Journalist paints an ugly picture of Mexican cartel violence in 'In the Shadow of Saint Death': Interview with the Miami Herald (6 June 2014) 

An Inside Look at Mexico's Drug War: Interview with the Takeaway (19 June 1004)  

Tamaulipas, Cradle of Mexico's Drug War, Erupts for the Huffington Post (26 June 2014)  

Michael Deibert interview with This is Hell! on Chicago's WNUR (3 July 2014)  

The Gulf Cartel and the Price of America's Drug War in Mexico: Interview with Portland's KBOO (4 July 2014) 

Imperialism 2.0? Review of Howard French’s ‘China’s Second Continent: How A Million Migrants Are Building A New Empire in Africa’ for African Arguments (9 July 2014) 

Virginia Isaad interviews author Michael Deibert for Frontera List (1 August 2014) 

The Miami Herald's Gaza Problem for Michael Deibert, Writer (22 August 2014) 

Mexico’s Endless War for the Huffington Post (8 October 2014)  

A Review of Séverine Autesserre’s Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention for African Arguments (14 October 2014)

Congo in Harlem 6: Video of Special Panel Discussion on DRC's 2016 Elections video with Kambale Musavuli, Alain Seckler and Jason Stearns (25 October 2014)