Thursday, January 04, 2007

First posting from Mumbai

Saffron, incense, sewage, exhaust and sundry spices have never blended in such an intoxicating aroma.


Sutton said...

Good to hear at last from "our man in India." Have you purchased a swagger stick yet?

Meghan said...

Ah, yes, olfactory overload is one of my most pungent memories of India. The smells you encounter on a rickshaw ride through an Indian city are surely the fastest way to bounce between heaven and hell.

One more bit of knowledge that I would call useless in almost every part of the world save for India: if ever you find yourself living in quarters infested by ants, sprinkle borders of turmeric at the threshold of your door or around your bed. No, this isn't witchcraft. Turmeric is highly toxic to ants, so they stay away.

One more thing: if ever a giant bat should fly into your room, simply turn out the lights, open the window, and leave the room until the little bugger finds its way out.

That's all for now.